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Billy Goodman: NEWS

California Dreaming.... - March 7, 2008

Finally, California.....
I've been here two days now just driving around with the top down visiting old friends.. Fantastic !!

More Snow...... - February 29, 2008

Oooph...will it ever stop snowing and get warm again ? Thank God my back is feeling better and I'm not hobbling around. I'll be posting the confirmed dates for the German tour in May as soon as they're finished. In the meantime I'm just working away in the barn. Lots of songs to learn. I leave for San Francisco on Wednesday. I better get packing.

Confirmed California Shows ... - February 22, 2008

These are the confirmed dates for the Steve Kimock and Friends northern California shows in March 2008.....
Check out the link below if you want more info.....should be great.

3/11/08 Red Fox Tavern - Eureka, CA
3/13/08 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
3/14/08 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
3/15/08 Forestville Club - Forestville, CA
3/16/08 Forestville Club - Forestville, CA

hexenschuss - February 22, 2008

thats german for "the witches shot".
you know, you go and innocently pick something up off the floor and whammo....yeah, thats the hexenschuss....lower back pain....i been hobbling about for two days with this nasty could be worse so i won't's been snowing like crazy here.... i'm in the rehearsal barn learning songs, goofing off on the computer etc....the cd manufacturer said "big red barn sessions' is in production and we should have it for sale at the first show in california...that's good news....we all worked hard to make that happen....saw the re-make of 3:10 to yuma last that rocked my world.....nothing like a good western......ouch !!...just sneezed......that hurts.

Artwork and Practice - February 19, 2008

We finished the artwork yesterday for the new CD thanks to the graphic designer Dave Hunter.
Billy Goodman with Steve Kimock
"Big Red Barn Sessions"
Here's a tracklist:
1. Johnny Anonymous
2. You Are With Me
3. Barbed Wire
4. Ghost Town
5. Evangeline
6. Counting On You
7. On The Run
8. Shaking Leg
9. Thank You That You Loved Me
10. Cowboy

We'll probably preview most of the tracks on the west coast tour. Can't wait. Now I'm practicing Steve Kimock originals. God help me.

CD + Germany - February 14, 2008

The CD is finished.....Sounds cool.
Now we're working on a two week tour for Steve Kimock and myself in Germany in the latter half of May.
ooooph.....There's a lot goin' on.

Mixdown Time - February 9, 2008

Gonna' start mixing these 10 songs today...
I'm excited.
The snow is falling here in Pennsylvania so hopefully we can get up to Brian's house with the equipment. Brian is Steve's sound man who has been kind enough to help us in our barnyard production.

California Shows - February 8, 2008

Here is the link for the Steve Kimock newsletter with the confirmed California dates in March.

Down on the farm - February 1, 2008

I'm currently in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania writing from the farm house of my old friend Steve Kimock. I'm here with Steve, his wife Jenn and his sons John, Skyler and Ry. The vibe is very much like the home I grew up in. Lots of action and lots of music. I could write a lot about Steve but let's just say that anyone who knows music would admit that on a given night Steve is the greatest guitar player on the planet. We were also young brothers together and we have a strong bond, musically and otherwise. Johnny is a gifted 18 year old musician who plays drums like a seasoned pro. He's also modest, beautiful in more ways than one and a second degree black belt in karate. Very interesting young man. Jen is awesome and has her hands full with Skyler who's four and Ry who is new born. She's the one keeping it all running smooth here. That includes business, domestic and otherwise. I don't know how she does it. Thank you Jen ! Steve has invited me to play dates on the west coast with him and his band (John included) in March so here I am back in my old stomping grounds down on the farm and getting some work done. We recorded 10 new songs of mine written with some other fine writers including my brother Frank in the barn last week and we're having another stab at it tomorrow with a full backing band.
I'll be back soon with some more info.
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